Agarbatti Incense Making Process

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13 Mar,2018

As a supplier of agarbatti incense making machine, I know how does the agarbatti incense making, read the passage carefully, then you will know how does the agarbatti incense making process.
 agarbatti incense making machine supplier
The production process of incense sticks is complicated. Bamboo sticks should be made using good bamboo, open, made of small bamboo sticks, and then dry. The raw materials used to make incense are processed into fine eucalyptus bark and sandalwood, which are accompanied by pigments and additives. Then make a little bit of bamboo stick with powdered powder. This is a crucial step in the making of bamboo skewers that seem simple but rather troublesome.
At present, there are three ways to make common bamboo sticks: First, the traditional process of hand-poured incense; The second is hand-pulverizing machinery drumming method; The third is the pressure (hydraulic or pneumatic) machine.Each of the three methods is excellent. The first two methods are suitable for making bamboo sticks with very small diameters, but the technical requirements for workers are high. And the productivity is affected by the worker’s proficiency.It is also because the manual production may cause errors, so the surface of the product may be thicker. The latter method is fully mechanized. As long as the ingredients are suitable, it will produce a smooth and uniform bamboo skewer. However, sometimes the mechanical process is limited by the apparatus and only bamboo sticks with a larger diameter can be produced.
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