Round Stick Making Machine Routine Maintenance

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19 Apr,2018

People always have the doubt that how to use round stick making machine and how to maintain the machine, in the passage, you may find the answer.
 round stick making machine
1.Requirements for operators
A.The person who uses the equipment is specially responsible for the operation. Without his permission, he is not allowed to operate it.
B.Maintain the integrity of the equipment, including various equipment and appliances that the equipment is equipped with to keep the equipment in a neat state.
C.Do not leave your job, someone must be present when the device is running.
D.Seriously make shift record for each shift.
2.Machine requirements
A.Do not overload the equipment.
B.Strictly not operating the equipment in accordance with the operating procedures of the equipment.
C.Well maintained. Understand the working principle, performance and basic structure of the equipment, knowing which parts to maintain and how to maintain it; Participate in regular maintenance, equipment after major repairs or repairs (medium repairs), should participate in the test equipment and acceptance of the equipment.
3.Use the wood round stick making machine "four requirements"
1.Neat: Requirements include tools, workpieces, accessories, etc. to be placed neatly, safety protection device must be complete, the line pipe to be complete.
2.Cleanliness: The inside and outside of the equipment are required to be clean. The sliding surfaces, screws, gears, etc. are free of grease and bumps. There is no water leakage or oil leakage in all parts. The chips and garbage should be cleaned.
3.Lubrication: timely oil, oil change, oil meet the requirements, oil, oil guns, oil cups and other complete, clean oil, oil smooth.
4.Safety: The mechanical and electrical parts of the equipment are required to meet the relevant safety standards. In addition, the operators must also comply with the relevant operating procedures, use the equipment rationally, monitor the abnormal phenomena of the equipment at any time, and detect hidden accidents as early as possible.
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