Chopsticks life cycle

Publisher: Tina

11 Apr,2018

Chopsticks are one of the most important tools that we will be exposed to during our three meals a day. The creation and use of chopsticks has enabled humans to move food from the original hand to health and civilization. And even the invention of chopstick making machine.
chopstick making machine supplier
As asupplier of chopstick making machine, We did a survey. According to the data, most of people is not paying attention to the health of chopsticks.People has replaced chopsticks for a period of one year or more. This is a great damage to everyone's health.
Chopsticks life cycle, We must ensure that it is replaced every 3 months, or that it is replaced every six months. At the same time, Do not think that chopsticks can only be washed. The bacteria above it should not be underestimated. After cleaning the dishes after a meal, do not put the chopsticks into the cabinets or drawers. Be sure to store them in plenty of water after they are stored. It is best to store them in a well-ventilated place.
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