Ice cream stick price depends on what

Publisher: Tina

12 Mar,2018

Ice cream sticks are often used during the summer. I believe everyone has a certain understanding of ice cream sticks. As an ice cream stick making machine manufacturer, I know this industry very well. Today I have to tell you why the price of ice cream bars is cream stick making machine supplier
1. The prices of ice cream sticks are different. This has a certain relationship with the production materials, that is, the wood used, the quality of the wood is good, and the price will be higher.
2. The process of making ice cream bars is not the same, and the price will be different, especially if it is handmade, it will be higher than the price of equipment.
3. The other is the manufacturer, the quality of professional production of the manufacturer is also relatively good, the natural price will be higher, on the contrary the price is lower.
The factors that contribute to the different price of ice cream bars are mainly related to these three aspects. When selecting, you can refer to the following factors.
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