Spade handle making machine for sale

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08 Mar,2018

Spade handle making machine use a wide range of round sticks, including spade, mop bar, broom bar, furniture, clothes bar etc.The spade handle making machine is mainly used for the processing of iron and steel, shovels, daily tools and tools used in the production of workers and laborers, as well as furniture decoration, staircase handrails, and circular wood used for interior decoration. According to the needs of users, we can customize the processing of different diameter of the rod machine.
The spade handle making machine has changed the traditional single processing method. The raw materials can be square or round, and other types of round bars can also be customized.spade handle making machine for sale
The advantage of our spade handle making machine:
1. Install a frequency converter, according to the raw material, adjust the feeding speed to achieve the best performance of the equipment.
2. Once out with the round stick, efficient and efficient, improve equipment production efficiency
3. The feeding material adopts cylinder press, stable pressure and convenient adjustment.
4. Tool change can achieve multi-function: up and down shaver, wood, round bar.
5. Control panel position adjusted to facilitate the operation of the location, make the device more humane.
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