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13 Apr,2018

When we use wood crusher machine, we may come across several questions. Sometimes, we do not know how to solve the question, even the problems is small, we have to ask help for the professional staff. We are professional wood crusher machine supplier, in order to help people sovle the questions, we make a list of some questions we may come across when operating, and the method to solve the questions. Hope can help you.

1. The belt of the wood crusher machine is easy to bite when used, because the rotor of the motor is not the same as the rotor of wood crusher machine, the motor can be moved left and right, or the degree of two concentric rotors can be adjusted under the pad of the motor.
2. Wood crusher machine production is relatively low. Cause: The blade is not sharp or the blade is not adjusted to the correct position. Solution: Remove the blade, grind the blade, and adjust the blade to the correct crusher position.
3. Feeding difficulties. Cause: The tool is worn badly and the knife clearance is too large or too small. Solution: Sharpen the blade to ensure a sharp blade. Adjust knife clearance 2-3mm, knife angle can not be greater than 30 °.
4. Feeding too fast creates machine collisions. Cause: The feed rate is not uniform and the blade is not sharp. Solution: Unified feed to ensure that the warehouse has no material storage. Sharpen the blade to make the chip faster.
5. Bearing heat. Cause: There is no grease in the bearing housing, the bearing housing is not mounted flat, and the bearing is damaged. Belt is too tight. Solution: Lubricate the bearing, balance the bearing, adjust the belt tension, and the device is working properly.
I believe that people knowing the above information, when they use the wood crusher machine in life may reduce some additional trouble, and improve their work effiency.
If you want to know more information about our wood crusher machine, or have great interests in our factory, please feel free to contact us,we will provide the high quality machine and perfect service for you.
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